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  • A moldy living situation; Condominium owners contemplate lawsuit
    Folsom Telegraph - Folsom, CA
    ... When Prometheus [Real Estate Group Inc.] took over Waterford Place [condominiums] last year, plans were to convert all 324 rental units into for-sale condominiums within a two-year span. Now less than one year later, the ownership group has closed its sales office after selling 45 of the units. The company has blamed a downward turn in the market, but residents say it's the discovery of toxic mold that has left their investments nearly worthless and many of them with no place to go. ... Environmental consultant Chris Gerber said he found significant mold issues in half of the roughly 15 units he himself inspected. ... in the units with significant mold issues, Gerber said, "It's pretty obvious that it was old, that it had been there a while. ... And in some cases, it had been painted over." ...

    ACGIH announces 2007 election results
    American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (press release)
    ACGIH® is pleased to announce the results of its 2007 election for the Board of Directors, and its 2007 Nominating Committee. ACGIH® members elected Jimmy L. Perkins, PhD, CIH to the position of Vice Chair-Elect. He will begin his four-year term on January 1, 2007.  Dr. Perkins has served as Regional Dean and Professor of the University of Texas School of Public Health - San Antonio Regional Campus since 1986. Dr. Perkins joined ACGIH® in 1985. ...

    Lab uses green office as guinea pig; Insight Architects will learn best ways to use building's natural light and ventilation to stay comfortable - Boise, ID
    ... Insight Architects made its tall, one-story office, located on Broadway Avenue between Boise Avenue and Federal Way, the test site for Integrated Design Lab, a lab in Downtown Boise that provides commercial developers with resources to learn about "green" architecture methods. The lab has been experimenting this summer with Insight's natural ventilation system, which pulls warm indoor air out of windows near the ceiling and helps the lower half of the building stay cool with concrete floors. ...

    Falcons need to raise funds for equipment; Organization in hole after mold ruins gear
    Inside Bay Area - Oakland, CA
    ... [The Tri-Valley Falcons' youth football teams'] season wraps up each December and all the equipment - pads, helmets and jerseys - are stored away until the team gets ready for the next season. This year, when the sheds were opened up in late February for inventory, the equipment - which already was in deteriorating condition - had been victimized by mold and basically destroyed. ...

    Replace old mattresses and add ventilation to reduce bedroom dust mites
    KTBS - Shreveport, LA
    Reducing the level of dust mites in the bedroom can be achieved by replacing old mattresses and increasing a room's ventilation, according to a new study. ... Researchers found that Der 1 and Der 2 dust mite allergens were detectable in 68 percent and 53 percent of all samples, respectively, and that large differences in allergen levels occurred between study centers. ...

    Note: To see the abstract of this study, click here.

    Exploding labs can be deadly
    Anderson Independent Mail - Anderson, SC
    ... That lack of knowledge can be deadly; meth labs tend to explode when on fire. "My biggest concern personally is if we're responding to a fire that has components of a meth lab . we're not going to know about it," said Jack Abraham, city of Anderson fire chief. All city of Anderson firefighters and Anderson County firefighters receive training that addresses what to do when they find a lab - get out and call law enforcement for help. ...

    'Healthier learning' environment planned for old Las Vegas school
    KLAS-TV - Las Vegas, NV
    A local elementary school built nearly five decades ago will soon be replaced with a new facility. Architects plan to create a healthier learning environment. ... The school is about to be replaced with a brand new example of modern architecture. ... Special features of the two-storied, 82,000-square foot replacement school include: spacious classrooms -- double-paned, energy efficient windows -- higher ceilings with skylights -- improved indoor air quality -- and enclosed corridors for security. ...

    Mold solution sought
    Sunbury Daily Item - Sunbury, PA
    Damp conditions in the basement of Montour County's Woodbine Lane building are jeopardizing some of the documents stored there. Helen Appleman, director of domestic relations, told the county commissioners Monday that she saw mold growing on one of the boxes stored in the basement when she went down for a file. The box contained confidential case files, which she needs to access periodically. She said her office stores all its old files in the basement, but they have to be moved now. ...

    Asbestos forces elementary school closure; Classes will resume at nearby middle, high schools - Portland, OR
    The Klamath County School Board has voted to close the troubled Henley Elementary School building. Officials recently found asbestos during a roofing job, and parents and staff members have complained about mold and poor air. One parent told the school board this week she'd never send her kids there again. .

    Mold sends homeowners packing; Charging shoddy workmanship followed by indifference, some sue homebuilder
    Daily Pilot - Costa Mesa, CA
    ... More than a dozen [neighbors of major league sports agent Leigh Steinberg] living in $4-million to $5-million homes with ocean views tell similar tales, and they said the builder, U.K.-based Taylor Woodrow, has only made limited efforts to repair the damage. Now Steinberg is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed in June 2005 in Orange County Superior Court asking the builder for at least $10 million to fix "improper design, construction and/or installation" of the homes. .

    Hanover Township takes action to fix mold problem in municipal building
    The Citizen's Voice - Wilkes-Barre, PA
    ... A week ago, 21 places in the building were tested and on Wednesday [Hanover Township Manager Ron] Wydo received an oral report the mold wasn't toxic. More samples were taken Tuesday and laboratory test results received Thursday confirmed the mold was not harmful, Wydo said. The firm that supplied the air scrubbers and neutralizers also found there was less mold than officials originally thought, he said. .

    Poll: Hefty support for ban; MPAAT says air is 86 percent cleaner
    Mankato Free Press - Mankato, MN
    The smoking ban has made the air in Mankato's bars and restaurants 86 percent cleaner, and most voters would like to keep the new law in place, according to an air quality study and poll funded by the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco. ... The indoor air quality study was conducted on a Saturday night two weeks before and after the ban took effect on July 1. The results were consistent with several other studies conducted by MPAAT across the state. The number of micrograms per cubic meter of fine particles decreased from a median of 130 before the ban to 18 after it. ...

    FEMA: Formaldehyde not a problem in trailers for NY flood victims
    WSTM-TV - Syracuse, NY
    Federal officials say formaldehyde fumes shouldn't be a concern for New Yorkers using government-issued travel trailers as temporary homes after June's flooding. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been working with the Environmental Protection Agency after tests on some trailers distributed following Hurricane Katrina reportedly showed high levels of formaldehyde. ...

    New Blue Angel standard RAL 122 tightens emissions of ozone from office equipment with print functions
    Air Quality Sciences (press release)
    In cooperation with the German Ministry of Health, the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany has released updated indoor air emissions criteria for the coveted Blue Angel Eco-Label, making these criteria for office equipment with print functions among the most stringent in the marketplace for low-emitting products. ...

    Mercury not toxic, but Mooney closed today
    Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota, FL
    Test results have confirmed that the mercury a student spilled at Cardinal Mooney High School was not toxic, but the school remains closed today as a safety precaution, administrators and health officials said Wednesday. The school has been cleaned and tested but the two buildings where the spill occurred must be monitored for another eight hours to make sure they're mercury-free, Principal Steve Christie said. ...

    See also previous coverage: "Cardinal Mooney High closed after dozens exposed to mercury."

    Novice eBay homebuyer crying foul
    Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne, IN
    ... the online sale of a Fort Wayne house to someone who didn't caveat is now at the center of a lawsuit between a Pennsylvania woman and an Indianapolis seller of foreclosed homes. ... It wasn't until January [one month after her purchase] that [Luise] von Gleichen [of West Chester, Pa.] came to Fort Wayne to see the house, and when she did, she was appalled. The windows weren't new. The basement wasn't finished. A basement wall was cracked and heaving inward. The hardwood floors were damaged, and the house was full of mold, according to the lawsuit she filed in Allen County this month. .

    Schools trash items exposed to mold, water; Some are appalled stuff is being tossed
    Times Picayune - New Orleans, LA
    Public schools throughout New Orleans are throwing away thousands of desks, books, computers and other items that officials fear may have been exposed to toxic mold or simply have fallen into disrepair. But the massive housecleaning has left residents aghast. "It's incredibly wasteful," said Terry Gaskins ... "We believe that we have to err on the side of caution when it comes to giving students materials that have been exposed to mold and other toxins like asbestos," [said Meg Casper, a spokeswoman for the state-run Recovery School District]. ...

    Mystery odor drives restaurant out of business
    Rutland Herald - Rutland, VT
    ... Like other customers, Richard Durgin has dined at Boo's and noticed a strong petroleum-like smell. But Durgin said the odor was present long before Bourque opened his restaurant in the fall of 2003. ... While the compounds found in the air inside Boo's such as benzene and MtBE are consistent with gasoline, [Linda Elliot of Vermont's Waste Management Division] reiterated the state's position that Stewart's does not appear to be the source of the odor based on the groundwater flow on the convenience store's property. ... Elliot said there are no laws governing "nuisance odors." ...

    Mold myth: Old sites get rap, but new buildings also have risk
    The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area - Greensboro, NC
    ... Experts say open exposure to the elements, humidity common to this region and the speed at which buildings are going up make mold a possibility that business owners should be aware of in new construction. Chris Hay, the environmental manager at the Greensboro branch of Trigon, a professional engineering and geological corporation, takes samples from buildings and then comes up with a plan to deal with mold problems and identifies where the problem came from. ...

    Washington says bar business dipped since smoking ban
    Portland Business Journal - Portland, OR
    Sales at bars and taverns fell more than 3 percent since Washington's smoking ban went into effect, state revenue officials said. In the first three months of 2006, bar and tavern gross business income fell to $122 million. .. state officials said in a statement that it was "too early to draw conclusions about the economic impact of the smoking ban, and data for additional quarters needs to be gathered to assess the longer-term trend." ...

    Lawsuit claims contractors responsible for water-damaged dorms
    Daily Press - Newport News, VA
    state officials are suing a construction company and an architectural firm for more than $15 million, alleging the businesses are to blame for water damage in dormitories at the College of William and Mary. Officials at the Williamsburg school say the two companies improperly designed and constructed nine graduate dormitories, resulting in rainwater entering the wall cavities. William and Mary estimates in the lawsuit that it has spent nearly $15.6 million to stabilize the 14-year-old buildings' brick facades, repair water damage and remove mold. .

    School mold, mildew issues laid bare
    Fall River Herald News - Fall River, MA
    School Department officials assured the three schools plagued by the presence of mold and mildew will be open for the first day of school. ...

    Check homes for mold before buying
    WKRC 12 - Cincinnati, OH
    Mold problems are a widespread worry among homeowners these days, particularly for someone buying a home. An area man says the house ...

    City moves to clear air
    Anchorage Daily News - Anchorage, AK
    ... It bans smoking within 20 feet of any place of employment, so smoke doesn't enter the building through a ventilation system or window. ...

    Attorney wins failure to disclose toxic mold case for seller
    Realty Times
    Four months after purchasing a condo from Kimberly Orlando and Nguyen Nguyen in Huntington Beach, California, the ...

    Archer ready for children
    Charleston Post Courier - Charleston, SC
    ... downtown constituent board member Henry Copeland used $240 of his own money for a research lab to analyze samples he took that showed potentially toxic mold. .

    Traffic center remains vacant
    Macon Telegraph - Macon, GA
    ... Tests were done and officials decided to vacate the building, though Sheridan said "there's no toxic mold in there" and that technicians moved out "in the .

    County starting over on hospital
    St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg, FL
    Hernando County scrapped its latest plans for the old Brooksville Regional Hospital after two firms objected to the way the county handled its choice of a consultant. On Tuesday, the County Commission tossed out the top-ranked firm picked by a selection committee and decided to start over. .. It was at that April meeting that the commission decided to hire a consultant to take a closer look because of concerns that the hospital might harbor expensive structural problems, or dangerous substances like asbestos or toxic mold. .

    Council: Mold festering in new schools
    Fall River Herald News - Fall River, MA
    ... In his two resolutions, Councilor Ray Hague revealed there is mold and mildew in at least three city schools and provided information that those same schools .

    Vallejo fire station re-opening after mold inspection
    CBS 5 - San Francisco, CA
    A Vallejo fire station that was temporarily closed because of mold and other pollutants that might have sickened some firefighters has been given a clean bill .

    Station walls filled with mold
    Daily News Transcript - Needham, MA
    The East Walpole Fire Station was closed this week after complaints of a bad smell in the building revealed extensive mold behind the second floor .