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The national marketing program is designed to promote the use of our products in the fields of new construction, remediation/restoration, and facility and building maintenance. Success in these markets requires three major components:

  1. Any new product must address customer problems for which no viable solution is currently available, or provides a better and/or more cost-effective solution than current products or procedures offer.

  2. The product must be marketed and be made available through a knowledgeable and customer-supportive national distribution and sales network.

  3. Total success in terms of quality involves more than just great products and distribution. Total quality success depends on the appropriate use of the products and proper jobsite preparation and execution by the application contractor. Our market strategy recognizes the value of the application contractor.

The Certified Applicator Program is designed to train successful contractors and personnel in the safe, proper, and most effective ways to apply EPA approved products, thereby profitably growing their business. 

Certification Investment

You will receive a Certified Spray Applicator Course Manual and you will be tested.

  • $249.00 (Live Training in a Classroom Setting - HIGHLY Recommended!)
  • $199.00 (Download the entire course & work at your own pace)

Who Should Take This Course?

The Certified Applicator program is directed toward contractors or personnel who are currently serving the new construction, mold remediation, disaster restoration, and facility and building maintenance industries. Contractors from various disciplines, such as remediation and restoration service, power and pressure cleaning, pest control, and painting, will be trained in the safe, proper, and effective application of our products in various situations. Contractors who have been formally trained and certified in their areas of expertise as required by their chosen discipline, who are active members of an appropriate trade association, and who have demonstrated success in business are preferred, but The Mold Institute will train and certify individuals who express a desire to become a competent applicator.


Candidates for certification may attend seminars scheduled in convenient locations, or take the Distance Learning Mail Order Certification. For maximum benefit, we highly recommend attending a seminar. Distant Learning Mail Order Certification is available for contractors who either do not have a seminar scheduled for their location or who need immediate certification. Contractors receiving Distant Learning Certification may always attend a seminar free of charge at a later date.


As the Certified Applicator program grows and develops, the company plans to offer seminars designed to help the Certified Applicator grow his/her business and become more profitable. The company also plans to add value to certification by negotiating discounts for Certified Applicators with various providers of goods, services, lodging, and vacation packages. In addition we are offering a Business Start up Package for any one interested in starting their business immediately. Speak to one of our personnel about earning $250.00 for business packages referrals. Chose from our online payment selection link  the courses or packages you would like to have.

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