Water Certification 101

Water Course

The coursework and Water Certification 101 is a study describing the sources of potable drinking water, the treatment and techniques of making sure your water is safe to drink. After studying this course you will be able to understand how to monitor your water source and the types of treatments, mechanical and chemically, your water is being exposed to.

Everyone in America today should take this course due to the many contaminations being introduced in our water either naturally, or on purpose. Understanding water helps you also understand the source and results of water and mold which ads to the harmful effects of your indoor air pollution.

Certification Investment

You will receive a Water Certification Manual and you will be tested.

  • $249.00 (Live Training in a Classroom Setting - HIGHLY Recommended!)
  • $199.00 (Download the entire course & work at your own pace)

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone interested in the Holistic Approach to healthy homes/offices.


Candidates for certification may attend seminars scheduled in convenient locations, or take the Distance Learning Mail Order Certification. For maximum benefit, we highly recommend attending a seminar. Distant Learning Mail Order Certification is available for contractors who either do not have a seminar scheduled for their location or who need immediate certification. Contractors receiving Distant Learning Certification may always attend a seminar free of charge at a later date.

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