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March, 2004
In Texas, a surge of mold claims has added more than $400 to the typical home-owner’s insurance policy, and Florida recently approved mold-damage caps of $10,000 unless consumers pay for additional mold coverage. The situation has builders and contractors quite concerned, says Cannon. “Purchasers of residential and commercial buildings are now seeking relief for contaminated structures,” he says. “Employees of contaminated work environments are doing the same. As a result, the insurance industry has reacted by limiting payouts for spore-related problems on their liability policies, or excluding coverage altogether.”

DDAC (a proven safe fungicide)
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September 30, 2003

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Paint & Decorating Retailer Magazine
September, 2003
"While many builders and property owners grapple with the difficulties caused by mold...paint stores are in a strong position to eliminate such problems for both existing and potential customers—or to show them how they can avoid such problems in the first place by the effective use of a mold preventative."

PaintPro Magazine
July/August, 2002
"Every once in awhile, a product comes along that is truly in a class by itself. Anti-Growth, touted to be the most technically advanced algicide/fungicide product on the market today, falls into this category."