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Please click on the banner to read the West Texas University Study on these products. Kills MRSA/Staph on Surfaces as well as in the Air. These units do not produce OZONE. (.01 PPM from the bulb and friendly oxidizers remove that within inches from the machine)Our machines produce Hydrogen Peroxide Ions.

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What are 3 ways mold spores can enter the human body?

  1. Inhalation (Breathing)
  2. Ingestion (Drinking)
  3. Absorption (Through Skin)

Exclusive Air Purification System for Your Ducts & Stand AloneAIR you breathe, the WATER you drink and bathe in, and even the CLOTHES you wear. 


Air Purifier for DuctAir Deluxe

The Air Deluxe 3200 is our most popular model for home and office. It will purify the air up to 3,200 sq. ft. and help reduce staph, allergens, mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors. Commercial and Residential applications are available and great for Hunters and their Hunting Camps. Our Hydro Photo-Catalytic Oxidation technology is a broad-spectrum high intensity UVX light targeted on our metallic catalyst nano nickel-cluster of six rare metals in a low-level ozone and moist atmosphere. This creates an advanced oxidation of friendly oxidizers. Unlike ozone, these oxidizers are safe, but yet aggressive at killing mold, bacteria, viruses and more. They also effectively neutralize odors and VOCs. Once they have done their job they revert back to oxygen and hydrogen. This technology has been successfully used in water, air, food and laundry applications. The compact size of this air purifier also makes it convenient for travel. Both units the 3200, 3600 utilize the same compact size.

The Air Deluxe 3600 Also available is the Air Deluxe 3600. Same great features as the 3200 but for heavier use applications and covers a larger area. Up to 3600 sq.ft.

Dux Deluxe With the DUX DELUXE many gases and odors are abated, micro-organism reductions can be as much as 98%, and the room will have safe, low ozone levels no greater than forest air, (.01 - .02 ppm) , which gives the room fresh, clean odor-free air. Residential and Commercial applications and also Great for Hunters and their Hunting Camps. By engineering the proper light wavelengths in the dual function AHPCO cell, we have effectively designed a system that will provide reductions in odors and microbials, allergens, and mold. This product is available in 110/220. Dux Deluxe installs in your duct work air conditioning system.

We submitted our equipment to University Testing to prove our equipment works. Just look at these amazing results!!!

Our study will be to prove's that our air purifiers kill the MRSA virus in the air . It has already be determined that this technology kills staph on surfaces.

In addition to the university testing, we had our technology tested in China to treat for Virus, Flu, VOC, etc. We started with 1.68mg/m3, and after only 24 hours, we recorded an approximate 60% reduction in formaldehyde (.- 0.85mg/m3 ). This is not an increase, but a reduction. The tests were conducted by the Chinese Indoor Environmental Control Center #9. After the testing was completed, they ordered over 1000 units.

Control Group - BEFORE Treatment with Air Purifier
Petrie Dish

The above image shows the number of microbial colonies produced in the Control set,
BEFORE any treatment of indoor air with the air purifier.

After Only 24-Hours with the Air Deluxe 3200™ !!!

Petrie Dish After

Note the reduction in number of colonies compared to the Control set!

"Minor trace of inoculum were observed in Petri plates at 2, 4 and 8 ft after 24 hours, indicating a definite reduction of the microbial aeroallergens in the room air. After 72 hours with the air purifier on, no microbial colony were observed on the Petri plates." Nabarun Ghosh, Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences, West Texas A&M University

Effects of Treatment of Our Air Purifiers on the
Concentration of Indoor Aeroallergen Concentration:

Test Results

Validation: University Testing

Download Click here to download a copy of the Complete Testing Results Report (PDF)
"Qualitative Assay of Indoor Air Using an Air Purifier with Special Reference to The Reduction of Aero Allergens and Pollutants" by Nabarun Ghosh Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences at West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas 79016.

Products Tested:

Air Deluxe

Air Deluxe 3200™ by Earth Care Products, Inc.

Air Purifier for Duct

Dux Deluxe™ (In-Duct Air Purification) by Earth Care Products, Inc.

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