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Mold Institute USA was created for the purpose of teaching the effects mold can have on individual health issues. Since inception our institute is dedicated to providing you with the most in-depth, comprehensive training program in the nation.

Our course is taught from a chemistry viewpoint (versus a home building view point). While we teach you how to take air samples and send them to a lab, we also teach you how to determine and treat the SOURCE of the problem (i.e: moisture intrusions) and achieve the solution to their problem. No other course on the market teaches you this critical skill. As the market becomes more competitive you will need to differentiate your business.

We also discovered if there is no test offered for your classes, you may only have a "rubber stamped" certification. This can cause you trouble in many ways (including the courtroom). Therefore, we formed a strategic alliance with a nationally certified lab, and began our on-site classroom and distance learning curriculum.

MoldInstituteUSA.com will test you, and issue your nationally recognized certification. We will cover questions and situations that are similar to the required test. We will help you prepare for the test as well as to become a certified inspector or applicator.

Our courses are taught by a very qualified technical team of professionals whose combined years of experience in the Environmental Field exceed fifty years. You will receive training from four of  the most prestigious instructors in the industry, with years of knowledge in training, inspecting, servicing and delivering professional proposals to solve the problem at hand.

This Institute is different from others you may find, because the instructors take a Biblical approach to teaching (Leviticus 14:33-53) as they train others to become great instructors in mold certification. The results deliver not only a mold certification, but also a true program you can duplicate to enhance your new or existing business. A true self employment program.